A Letter to Editor-给编辑的一封信


        Dear editor, I'd like to tell you something about the changes of my hometown.

My hometown used to be a beautiful place. Thick trees and green grass could be seen everywhere. However, in order to build

houses and grow more crops, people cut down more and more trees. As time went on, the wholeforest was almost destroyed.

Gradually, the green hills have changed into a wasteland. As a result, sandstorms struck us now and then, from which we

suffered a lot. So, I do hope that all the people should realize the terrible result of not caring about our environment.

What's more, we should take good care of the forests and plant more trees instead of cutting them down so as to improve our

living conditions. Yours,

Li Hua        敬爱的编辑同志: 我想跟您讲讲我家乡的变化



不保护环境的严重后果。还有,为了改善生活条件,我们应看护好树林,种更多的树而不是砍树。 李华    

   Dear editor, I wrote to tell you about my worry. In the past my hometown was a beautiful place with green

hills around our village. But in recent years,more and more trees have been cut down because people wanted to build more

houses and grow more crops. As time went on, the green hills have turned into a wasteland. It is hard to grow things on it.

Besides, sandstorms struck us now and then, which brought us a lot of hardships. So, I do hope that all the people should be

aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Thinking of the terrible result, we shouldn't cut more trees without

planting them any more. Without the forest we wouldn't live a better life.