Asking for Trouble找麻烦


   This is what happened to John outside his house last night.It was midnight(about one 0'clock in the morning)when John returned home.He felt about his pockets but failed to find his key.He had left it in his office.He knocked at his front door trying to wake up his wife,but she was sound sleep.Suddenly an idea occurred to John that a ladder,would be of great help to him.He went and got a ladder from his garden,put it against the wall,and began climbing towards the bedroom window.He was almost up to the window when a policeman appeared below.He ahouted at John and began to pull him down the ladder because he thought John was a thief.Fortunately,the shouting woke up John's wife.She opened the window instantly and explained who he was and apologized to the policeman.The policeman then said to John with a smile,"Now that you are able to get in,you hve to make sure this doesn't happen again."