Our English Teacher我们的英语老师



   Our English teacher is a man of medium build,always wearing a pair of gilt-framed spectacles.He looks thin in his loose-fitting suit.Small as his eyes are,they are extremely bright.He looks old for his age,because his hair is all white.

    He is enthusiastic and skilful in teaching his students.He has extensive knowledge.He not only teaches English but also tell us many things about history,geography and literature.His lectures are given in a vivid way.For example,when we take up a new lesson,he introduces the author first,including his biography,his works and main content of those works.In this way we can improve our listening ability quickly,and learn more than only the text itself.

     His teaching method means more work for us to do in the evenings.For each lecture,he asks several questions from the text for our homework.In order to answer those questions,we must first read the whole text at home.Sometimes it isn't enough to read the text only.We have to read other materials concerning those questions.This helps us develop self-reliance.

     We learn a lot from our English teacher.We love him very much.