My Father我的父亲



     My father was born in 1940.He was a son of a teacher.He lived in Sichuan Province when he was young,Later he left for Xinjiang at the age of twenty,and has lived there until now.

     Myfather is thin,not tall,and has a serious-looking face.Though he's sometimes bad=temered,he is a very good man at heart.He shows deep concern for others and often helps them out of their difficulties.For this reason his colleagues and our neighbours like him very much.They call him a man of Leifeng type.

     My father works as an engineer in a machinery plant.He immerses himself in his word all day long,always forgetting to stop for a rest.So he is said to be "a tireless man".In the plant his main task is designing new machines and improving the old ones.some of the machines he has designed are being exported to foreign countries.The old machines he has improved operte well.

      My father is a qualified engineer.I was told that he will be promoted to be a chief engineer soon.I love my father.I wish him good luck.