How to Ride the Subway in Beijing如何在北京乘坐地铁


    The sbuway is the cheapest and fastest means of transportation in Beijing.It costs you much less than a taxi or even a bus and takes you only half of the time if you travel by other means.Therefore,if you are visiting Beijing,the local people will certainly recommend you to ride the subway wherever it is available.The first ride,however,may present you with some problems.This is how to go about it.

    To begin with,having found the nearest subway entrance,you go down the stairs until you get to the ticket office.There,you buy a ticket,which costs 50 cents.Then,after passing through the ticket-collector,you walk down more stairs and get onto the platform.Make sure that you are on the right side of the platform for your train.While waiting for the train,you should stand behind the white line so as not to be hurt by the approaching train.Remember smoking is forbiden in a subway station.When your train has arrived,walk in quickly but do not push.Once inside it ,you find a seat.If there are no seats left,you should hold on to the horizantal poles as you do in a bus.For information of your destination,you may consult the map on the wall or listen for the announcement over the loud-speaker.On arriving at your stop,you step out of the train quickly and walk up the steps into the outside world.Then you have completed your first experience of riding a subway.

    Strangers in Beijing may find they are at a loss when they travel by subway for the first time.But,once a bread-through is made,the second ride will be much easier.