The world Cup Football Final世界杯足球决赛


     The commentator was watching the world cup football final between England and West Germany.It seemed certain that England would win.There was only a minute left and England were leading by two goals to one.The German team had scored first but England had soon equalised and a quarter of and hour later,Peters had given them the lead.Now,play was in the English half of the field and the referee had just blown his whistle.He awarded a free kick to German about forty yards from the English goal.All the players gathered in front of the goal.Only a few seconds remained.The kick was taken and the ball went up to the left of the English penalty area.Everyone was fighting for it .It flew across the face of the goal.The defenders could not get it waay.Suddenly,Weber,the german left half,had the ball at his feet.Bob,the English goalkeeper,rushed to the other end of the goal to cover Weber's shot but it was too late.The ball was in the net.West Germany had levelled the score.The referee blew his whistle again to indicate the end of the normal period of play.The two teems would have to play extra time to decide who won the cup.