I love My Hometown我爱我的家乡(二)


       I was born in a small village with a hill behind it and many big areas of feilds in front. Most of the villagers live in tall buildings like the people in cities.In their home, they have telephones,TV sets,washing machines and so on.They can also use drinking water supplied by the water company in the village,but it costs them a little money every year.If they plant crops, the goverment will give them some money as encouragement.The more land they farm, the more money they will get.All around the year, they work on their farm land for only four or five months.In the rest time,they often work in the cities nearby for money.They needn’t  worry about anything for living, such as food or clothes.

       There is a tall teaching building with a computer room, a reading room, a meeting room,a lab and sixteen class-rooms in our school.Around it are big trees and behind the building is a wide playground for us to do sports on.All the teachers work carefully and teach us very well.

       What is more,when we are ill or want to do  some  shopping  and  so on, everything  is  OK  without leaving the village.

       But in the past, it is said there were few people living in two houses made of wood,grass and mud.That is why it is still called Two Houses today.It is not hard to imagine what their life was like.

       Now I feel that I am proud of my hometown.As a student,I must study hard to get more knowledge so that I can build my village better when I grow up.