At the Riverside在河边


     Along our town a river flows its way dashing and eddying.It's riverside is an enjoyable place.

     The sandy bank is strewn with peddles of various sizes and shapes.Standing on the edge,you hear water licking rhythemically at your feet.It is a great fun to play duck and drake.Padding in water,you feel agreeable coolness passing through your body.

     River birds are another attraction.At one time,they skip over the surface of water.At other times,they perch on pebbles and touch their feathers with their beaks.

     Frequently,a ship cleaves through water,sounding a siren.Water bubbles and foams in the wake of the ship.

     On sunny days,the river glitters in the sunlight as if millions of tiny diamonds have been scattered on the surface.Flying in wind high over your head are kites which look like eagles soaring in the sky.