An Experience in Examination考试感受


     Talking of examinations,I feel that they are one of the important activities in school life.Since the first day I went to school,I have had to deal with them almost every day.All through my secondary school days,I have gone through al kinds of exams,entrance exams,tests,quizzes and so on. I have tasted the flavour of happiness,sadness and laughter.

     Before every exam,there is always a certain time for me to suffer.The world before me seems to be sad and gloomy.I feel that all my books are disgusting.During examinations,I am always like a  computer.I try hard to squeeze out every piece of information to answer my questions.A machine has no feelings,but I am nervous,my heart beats hard.

     After the "swesty battle",the world seems to be bright again.A disaster is over.I become lively again,and begin to discuss every problem with my classmates.