The Housing Conditions in Our City Are Improving我们这座城市


     In the past,the housing conditions in our city were rather poor.A lot of families had to live in one room which was their bedroom,dining-room as well as drawing-room.There was no toilet and kitchen.Sometimes,we could find that in a flat with one bedroom and a living-room lived three generations.

     Now many new blocks of flats have been set up and some more are under construction.Row upon row of shabby,low and old houses are pulled down.There are some streets lined with completely new blocks.Tens of thousands of families have moved into their new homes.Nearly all of those new flats have gas cookers and radiators provided by central heating.

     As far as we know,new blocks of flats are also taking the place of humble old houses in other cities.The changes of the housing conditions in our city as well as other cities are the result of the rapid development of our economics.