Would My Father Have to Operate父亲得动手术吗


     I was waiting for the doctor to finish his examination.I was worried and nervous.Would my father have to operate?Would a blood transfusion be necessary?What would he have to say?

     Dr Lin was a heart expert.He was an excellent doctor and his examinations were always complete.He listened to the patient's heart,took his blood pressure and temperature,gave him an X-ray and examined his eyes and ears.The doctor finall completed his examination and spoke to me.He told me that heart trouble is never a minor illness,but this wasn't a serious heart attack.He advised losing weight,getting plenty of sleep and eating good meals.Smoking and drinking would be harmful,of course.Dr Lin said it would be necessary to be careful for a while,but he was confident that there was nothing to worry about.

      I felt much better after I spoke to Dr Lin.I was certain that my father would be up and around again very soon.He's seventy five years old now,but he can still live for a long time if he takes good care of himself.