Seeing a Classmate in Hospital到医院看同学


   It was a warm spring day.Our monitor Liu Lin and I went to the hospitalto see Zhang Ping,a classmate of ours.

   The ward was on the second floor.As in any other hospital,the corridor smelt of pungent liguid medicine.Nurses walked by carrying capsules,injection and instruments.

   Zhang Ping was leaning back against a pillow in his bed.When he saw us,his face lit up.

   "We come to see you on behalf of the class,"said the monitor,putting two bags of apples on a bedside cupboard.

   "We all wish you a quick recovery,"I added.

   "It 's avery kind of you,"Zhang Ping said in an excited tone.He still looked weak,but his eyes were bright.

   "Please tell all students that my operation is successful and the cut is healing quickly."

   Stated at the edge of the bed,I bgean to peel an apple with a knife When I finished,I placed it in Zhang Ping's hand.

    "Don't worry about your study.We shall help you make up your missed lessons."the monitor said.

    Tears came to Zhang Ping's eyes.We talked until a nurse came up and urged us to leave.