Mr. Smith's Office(二) 史密斯先生的办公室(二) 


        Mr Smith's office is well planned and comfortably furnished.It is a small rectangular corner room with windows on two sides.One window faces Pine Avenue,and the other one faces Ninth Street.The wall opposite Ninth Street has two doors.The door in the middle of the wall is the entrance.The door to the right of the entrance leads to a small storage room.As you enter the office,you see two metal desks with chairs on your left.Mr Smith's desk sits in the corner by the windows,and the secretary's desk in next to his.Against the wall straight ahead of you is a long bookcase full of books.Beside it there is a cabinet of supplies,including paper,ink,pencils,and stencils.On your right and across the room from the desk there is a leather sofa,two large armchairs,and a coffee table with some magazines on it.The file cabinets are located between the hall door and the storage room door.Although there is not much space in Mr Smith's office,it is easy to work in.