My Opinion on Fast Food我的观点关于快餐食品


    Fast food develops fast nowadays because it is economic,convenient and there are kinds of food meet different flavors. It will become more and more popular in the future.

    However,I don't think eating too much fast food is good for our health. Fast food may cause illness. I admit that fast food is cheap and convenient. You can fill your stomach easily without paying too much. And you don't have to pretend to be graceful when you do want to. Different flavours meet different tastes. You can decide what you want to eat. But every coin has two sides. Fast food also has troubles. The most worrying one is whether fast food is clean or not. In order to gain a greater profit,some snack bars try every means to reduce the cost.Some even adopts illegal means. As is reported on TV and newspaper, many snack bars use some dirty refined oil to cook the meals. It is not easy for the customers to be aware of what they are eating. Usually there will be lots of bacteria in such kind of oil. These bacteria can cause deadly diseases, such as cancer. The customers become victims of the snack bars. Maybe you will ask,"What about KFC or Mc Donald's? The sanity equipments are good in these restaurants." My suggestion is that you'd better eat less. Foods in KFC and Mc Donald's contain much fat. They also cause health problems.Eating too much fried chicken, fried chips,hand burgs and something else may make you fat.

    In a word,I don't suggest people eat too much fast food.You have much to concern about when you are having fast food. To keep healthy,we have to pay attention to our habit of diet.