The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 2008北京奥运会


The lucky baby first time declares a position MV Austria transported the subject music " 2008 " the MV real-life scenery photography to the day before yesterday evening officially in 81 factories open machine, this section of MV first time used the lucky baby image in the image photography. "2008 " composes music, the great light by the famous composer Artemisia stelleriana auspicious light arranges the tune, combines " the classical fashion " by the Western happy 7 people the performance, MV New Year's Day the bilingual party always directs Luo by 2006 great directs and first time uses in this party, on December 31st the evening in central 3 set,central 9 set, Yang regards the Spanish French frequency channel first time meets with everywhere audiences.

    According to directs Luo Wei introduces, entire MV except that " the classical fashion " in the combination 7 individual performances images, other parts all will use the three dimensional animation manufacture, the lucky baby defer to Austria transport conduct the city the order, will fly in turn Athens Wei Cheng, the ancient Egyptian pyramid, the French 埃菲尔 iron tower, Australia's Sydney opera house, the Japanese Mount Fuji, the American free goddess picture, Russia's Kremlin, finally will come to the Beijing Temple of Heaven. " Classical fashion " when combination performance uses the cello, the violin, the flute and so on 3 kind of musical instruments also all can " use " by the lucky baby.