Ownership of Houses in a Big Change房屋所有权一个大的改变


           Great changes have taken place in the ownership of houses in cities in China from 1990 to 2000. While the number of state owned houses decreased, that of private houses increased. In 1990, seventyfive percent of the houses were state owned whereas only twenty five percent of the houses were private. In 2000, however, the proportion of state owned houses reduced to twenty percent and that of private houses increased to eighty percent.            There are many reasons for the great change in the ownership of houses in cities. The development of the economy is the most important one. Thanks to this development, people make more money than they used to. As a result, they can set aside some money to buy houses after their daily necessities are satisfied. The measures the government adopts may be the next incentive. Nowadays, people can have access to various kinds of loans from banks when buying the house. The large supply of housing may be the last reason. Wherever you go, you can see houses of various designs and sizes available for people to choose.            These changes will have a great influence on both the living standard of the individual and the productivity of the society. People can live in the spacious houses of their own and the government can increase the productivity by using the money from selling the houses.


私人住宅的增加。 1990年,房屋seventyfive姊状态,而只有05年的住房是私人拥有的百分之。 2000年,但是,国有住房的比例降低到百分之