Our Library我们的图书馆


    Our Librar is a busy place.It is open every day from8:00--12:00 in the morning and from 1:30--5:30 in the after-noon,except on Sundays.

    The library contains a large variety of books. in it you will find both literary and scientific and technical books in Chinese and in foreign languages.In this building too,are reading-rooms with newspapers and magazines.Perhaps English books account for over a half of those in foreign lanuages.

    We often go there to look for books which we want to borrow or to read articles which we like to consult.Our library provides all useful reading matter and reference materials according to our needs.Although we do not subscribe to any magazines or newspapers,we are well informed about the recent developments and new trends in the world as well as in our country.The library plays an important role in our college life.