How to face emotins如何面对emotins


        The biggest difference between animals and human is that human can think. So we

have emotions.Love,hatred and grief are emotions.I was an emotional boy since I was young.I love to watch the dark sky,the

moon and the stars.They always make me think about the future and beautiful dreams.Thinking about emotions let me not only

feel the happiness,but also the pains. So I like emotions.I’m not very patient with my parents at home, sometimes even be

stubborn. As I’m growing up, we are becoming more and more misunderstanding. I don’t know how to face their love.Also I’m

a little timid. I don’t like to talk with others long before. Maybe I worked so hard in study that I had little time to have

such a kind of emotion called friendship, whether at school or in the society.The relationship and emotions between boys and

girls is unclear. We are told to be careful of this. So a girl seldom talks to a boy at school. I had the same situation in

Junior Grade 1.But after one year’s time, we knew each other better and talked more. Then I found that everyone in my class

had a kind heart and was friendly to others. When I was in Grade Three, a nice girl suddenly appeared in my mind .Then I had

a nicer and nicer expression of her. As everyone thought, I fell in love with her. Maybe this is really a special kind of

emotion, it makes the distance between us much longer and this feeling lasts now. I even don’t know how I love her, or I don

’t love her at all. But I know I can’t forget her. Now she’s in No.2 Middle School .I really don’t know how to deal with

the emotion….Then how to deal with those emotions?As an emotional boy, I’ve thought of this for quite a long time .And I

have found these ideas:The first one, just be silent and away from others. Though this sounds terrible, it’s really a good

way to study better. But nobody can live in the world all by himself. We should get to know others. I can’t imagine what I’

ll be like if I keep silent.The second one, to help them when they’re in trouble and then get to know them better maybe is

really a nice way. Everyone needs help and love. I think helping others means a lot.Gradually, I had a great and nice dream:

make everyone happy. This helps me much.We are living to learn and know. We shall work hard only to solve several emotions.I

have a third idea. I think it’s the best one. To face emotions, just to accept them and get help from them.Maybe large

numbers of students aren’t interested in studying because children are always fond of playing. So we should have a goal and

a kind of power for studying: for success, for living better, for being happier, for whom we love and who love us or….Many

goals can be our power. But there are still a few goals that can’t be ,such as for playing games, for being commanding and

defiant to others, for puppy love and so on. If we have a nice and proper goal—a kind of power, we’ll have enthusiasm to do

things. Then we’ll do things more excellently.So face emotions, just try to feel and use them!