Adieu, Cinema!别了,电影!


            Adieu, Cinema! (A)

            In 1957, as many as 900,000,000 people went to the cinema,

whereas the number of TV viewers was 400,000,000. Three years later, 500,000,000 cinema-goers vs 500,000,000 TV viewers the

same. In 1963, the cinema fell, compared with TV. In 1974, only 70,000,000 went to the cinema, but as many as 800,000,000

peoplewatched TV.

            Although the cinema has its own

unreplacable merits, the television can do most of the things the cinema does, and more importantly, people can stay at home

with their famfiy, watching what belongs to both TV and the cinema. In rainy days no one will think of the cinema except for

some special reasons.

            People like TV better for

another reason. They can choose anything they like, just by switching from one channel to another. But in the cinema, you

have no choice, if you don't want to come again for something different.

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            Adieu, Cinema! (B)

            The cinema used to be the most popular recreation in the

first half of the 20th century, till 1957, when the television began to show films and plays. If people didn't have to go out

to see films or plays, why didn't they stay at home? That's why the cinema declined rapidly as TV became more popular. In

1957, as many as 900,000,000 people went to the cinema, while there were only 400,000,000 people who watched TV. Three years

later, only 500,000,000 liked the cinema, while 500,000,000 people watched TV. In 1963, about 300,000,000 cinema-goers to

650,000,000 TV viewers. In the next six years the number of cinemagoers dropped further, while the number of TV viewers

continued to rise. In 1974, only 70,000,000 went to the cinema. As many as 800,000,000 people switched to TV.

            Nothing can hope to enjoy eternal popularity. Not the

cinema. Not TV. Now, in the last years of the 20th century people liked the computer. Nearly everything is available on the

Internet, including all for TV. What will happen to the computer, say, in the 2050s, no one knows. Will TV lose out to

computer, I wonder?

别了,电影! (A)在1957年,多达9.00亿人到戏院看戏,而电视观众人数为4.0亿。 3年后,5.0亿电影观众

队500,000,000电视观众一样。 1963年,电影下跌,而电视。 1974年,只有70,000,000到戏院看戏,但多达8.0亿peoplewatched电视。虽然电





别了,电影! (乙)曾经是在20世纪上半叶最流行的娱乐到1957年,当电视开始看电影和戏剧,电影。如果人们

没有走出去,看电影或戏剧,为什么他们不在家?这就是为什么迅速下降电影电视变得更加受欢迎。 1957年,多达90000.0万人到戏院看戏,

虽然只有4.00亿人谁看电视。三年后,只有500,000,000喜欢电影,而500,000,000人看电视。 1963年,约有3.0亿电影观众,以6.500亿电视观

众。在未来六年的cinemagoers数量进一步下降,而电视观众人数继续上升。 1974年,只有70,000,000到戏院看戏。多达80000.0万人转向电视