Woman in Modern Society现代社会中的女性


Women play an important part in modern society. Now many women are going into professions, such as medicine, law and engineering. They comprise a large part of the workers in businesses and factories. In addition, they are working up to important positions which used to be held mainly by men. There are even some businesses which are run completely be women. Clearly, women are making outstanding contributions to the progress of modern society.

There are, However, still some people who assert that men are superior to women in many ways. First, many jobs men do can hardly be done by women, who are physically not strong enough. Second, most of the world-famous scientists and statesmen are found to be males. Finally, the whole society seems to have always been dominated by men only. In their opinion, men should enjoy more rights than women do.

Personally, I'm firmly standing on the side of those woman right defenders. Since both men and women are equally important in human activities, they should be on an equal footing. (173 words)