My Hobby我的嗜好


       I have many hobbies,such as swimming in summer,skating in winter,ect.;but my favourite hobby is collecting stamps.

       I began to collect stamps when I was in middle school.Whenever new stamps were issued,I would try my best to get them.Usually I spent five yuan every month buying stamps.Now I have nearly 1,000 stamps,both Chinese and foreign.I like stamp-collecting for three reasons.First,quite a lot of stamps,especially commemorative ones,are pleasing to both the eye and the mind and good in artistic quality.Second,through stamp-collecting,we cn broaden our horizon and widen our knowledge,And third,stamps can mould our temperament and enrich the daily life mentally and spiritually.

       I hope that some day I will have a chance to take part in stamp exhibitions.It will help me make mord friends and exchange more domestic or foreign stamps.