Haste Makes Waste忙中会出错


    One day,going hme from school,I came to understand for the first time how costly haste can be.The sky was very dark,and people were walking quickly across the streets through the afternoon traffic.The air was heavy,and lightning flickered here and there behind the overcast.Suddenly,a soft wind moved through the trees,setting them tossing and swaying;and then came a great gust,sending leaves and papers scurrying,and rattling shop signs.And then rain started to pour.Everyone began to run in a frenzied scramble for shelter.At the street corner ahead of me,two girls,running from different directions,crashed together.A boy riding a bicycle slammed on his brakes to avoid them,and he went skidding,out of control,into the middle of the street.A car caught him squarely.Next day,still stunned,I read in the paper that he had died on the way to the hospital.People should not lose their heads at the very time they need them most.Haste makes waste.