Great Changes in MY Hometown我故乡的巨变


    My hometown lies in eastern Inner Mongolia.It is a beautiful small town.Because of the reforms and open door policy,it is getting richer and richer.I like it more and more all the time.But some years ago,the town was a poor and dirty place.It had row upon row of small old dingy brick houses,and grass and trees were few and far between.People's clothes looked bad,always black and blue.There were garbage dumps which created a terrible smell everywhere in town.The roads were poorly built.When a truck passed by it raised a cloud of dust.You can imagine how bad the environment was!

     Since 1980,gret changes have taken place in my home-town.The living standard of the people has been rising every year.Big shops and parks have been built in the past few years.The streets have been straightened and broadened.On both sides of the roads,trees and flowers are growing.People not only work hard,but also take part in all kinds of recreational activities:adncing,fishing,gardening,etc.

     Last summer,I went back to my hometown,I found that another big park was being built.In this park there was a big lake.You could go boating on it.You could also enjoy the beautiful landscape.