The Person I Feel the Most Grateful to我最感激的人


     I am now a college student.I not only stay on top in studies in my class,but also have a strong constitution.Perhaps no one believes that as a child I was meagre and weak,not able to speak and walk until three years old.The reason might be that my family was very poor when my mother was pregnant with me.there was not enough to eat,to say nothing of nourishing food.

     Mother never gae up hope and tried all means to feed me up.She worked very hard.She raised pigs and chickens,and planted vegetables.She learned how to make edible oil from peanuts,vinegar from millet,beancurd from soybeans.She did all this by herself,for my father was working for a geological prospecting party,always away from home.Mother took perfect and minute care of me.Once Ihad a high fever,she carried me on her back and walked three hours at night to see a doctor,Little by little,I grew stronger,then I went to school.Mother often encouraged me to take exercise in order to keep fit.

     Now I  am a sturdy young man,while mother,only a little more than forty,is a grey-haired woman with a wrinkled face,looking much older than she actually is.I fell I owe everything to my mother and she is the one I should be most grateful to.