The Memory Will Last Forever这段记忆我将永远记住


       After the final examination,I received a letter from my aunt and uncle who invited me to stay with them for a fortnight.The news brought me a restless night.The next morning at ten,I reached their home and I was kindly received by them.They prepared a very nice and airy room for me.Just coming inside,on a small table I found a vase of roses---my favourite flower.I thanked them for their kindness.When they told me to take a rest,I really could not do so.My attention was drawn by the charming and picturesque scenery outside the window.If I were an artist I would have drawn a wonderful picture of it.

         Every morning we took a walk in the neighbouring hills where we could enjoy the fresh air and sweet songs of the birds.We gathered wild flowers here and there among the bushes,I found it full of fun.In the afternoon I mostly spent my time reading or writing,for I was shut in the house by the terrible beat.The evening was the only time we could go to swim together.I improved my swimming during those two weeks.

        Though the fortnight passed away at lightning speed,the memory of it will last forever.