Newton and His Guest牛顿和他的客人


   One day Newton invites an old friend to dine with him.No sooner do the two men take their seats than Newton hits upon an idea about his experiment interrupted by the arrival of his guest.

    "Wait a moment,I'll soon be back."

    Newton goes straight into his laboratory and resumes his experiment.He is so absorbed in it that he has soon forgot the dinner and his guest.

      The guest is kept waiting for a long time.He thinks Newton must have returned to his experiment.Feeling hungry,the guest gets his patience worn out.He eats up the food and then leaves.

      Several hours later,Newton's experiment is finished with success.Relieved of the strain,he goes into the dinning room for meal.When he sees the fishbone in a plate,he says to himself:"I have already had my meal.I have forgot it."He immediately returns to the laboratory and starts a new experiment.

      It is just like Newton to bend his mind to his work so as to forget sleep and meal.