Communicating a Sense of Personal Power以一种个人特色交流


       Communicating a sense of personal power comes from a belief that you can reach your goals in your own way.Powerful people give others power and encourage others to express themselves openly. You communicate a sense of personal power by developing these traits:


      Authority is inner confidence--a trust in your skills and abilities. It comes from the inside, from an attitude of "1 can do that"."l deserve success". This attitude radiates outward as you assert your right, honestly ask for what you want and need, and develop a willingness to give to others and yourself.

Being self-assured

      Self-assured behavior is active, direct, and honest. It communicates an impression of self-respect and respect for others. By being self-assured, we view our wants, needs, and rights as equal with those of others. A self-assured person wins by influencing, listening, and negotiating so that other

people choose to cooperate willingly.Accessibility

      The powerful person is a master networker. Good networking increases your visibility and gives you a valuable circle of people from whom you can give and receive support and information. Imagine yourself as the center of a wheel surrounded by spokes of contacts.


      You communicate power through your image. Do you project an image consistent with strong leadership? Stand tall and walk proudly, remembering that you have value as a person. When you meet others, make direct contact and keep your handshake firm and friendly. Clearly state who you are and what you do.

Communication habits

      Take a deep breath to project a firm voice. Avoid slang,and jargon, and vocal hesitations that can hinder effective communication. Use only the body movements and gestures necessary to make your point, no more. Learn how to write clearly and concisely.