A Sports meet运动会(二)


       The sports meet of our university was held on a charming spring day.The stand around the playground was packed with spectators.Firt came the parade of the opening ceremony.Athletes walked into the field in orderly arrays.After the opening address was delivered,the athletes withdrew.Then there was a performance of group callisthenics.

      The contests and races of track and field events were exciting.The runners of 100 metre race dashed to the terminal point.The winner took the lead only by a small fraction of second.A boy athlete gave a javelin a lorceful throw.It shot across the sky and arrived at a point far ahead of the former record.A girl athlete,in a long distance race,stumbled over the foot of another athlete and fell down.She rose to her feet,clenched her teeth,and continued her running.The most attractive is the relay race that was so intense that all spectators cheered,hailed and applaused.

       The sports meet was over.Our athletes not only gained a good harvest of prizes,but also strengthened their body and tempered their will.