A Sports Meet运动会(一)


        Today is the first day of our school sports meet.Every year this time we are very excited and will be very active in joining the sports meet. This time almost half of the students in our class will compete in the sports meet, even if some of them are not very good at it. We are all enthusiastic about sports. Many of the students join more than one item of game, such as high jumo,long jump,running and relay race.All of them try tu du their best in the game.Liu Ying, my classmate ,hasinjured her leg in the 200-meter race,but she doesn't give up and sticks to the last moment. In the relay race, the runners unite together. They know that team spirit is very important.

        The sports meet will be over tomorrow.We don't know whether our class can win the first prize this time,but we don't take the result very seriously. We think that partaking of the game is more important than result.