Ban on Smoking-禁止抽烟


Smoking has proved to be closely linked to many of the most fatal diseases such as cancer, heart problems, and lung diseases. Doctors also warn us of nicotine, tar, and many other toxic substances contained in cigarettes. We are even informed that cigarette smoking may gravely jeopardize not only the smokers, but also the non-smokers. Statistics show that smoking takes the lives of millions of people in the world every year. All these lead us to believe that smoking does kill. Through educating himself and strengthening his own will power, every individual should resist the temptation of cigarettes. Society as a whole ought to enhance health awareness. Health institutions are supposed to shoulder the responsibility of informing the public of the above-mentioned facts. It's time for all governments in the world to seriously consider alternatives to the tobacco industry as a profit-making undertaking. After all, health, the most solid essence of life, must always be given top priority.