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        Dou Dou is a very naughty and clever boy. Whenever his father, Mr.Dou, tries

to blame him for his wrong doings, Dou Dou can always find ways to defend himself. One evening, when making himself a cup

of coffee, Mr. Dou was very surprised. He heard sound coming from the TV set in the sitting room.With a cup of coffee in his

hand, Mr. Dou walked towards the sitting room.There he saw Dou Dou was comfortably lying in the sofa watching cartoons on TV.

Mr. Dou asked angrily, "Why have you been watching TV all the day?" Dou Dou retorted, "In the morning and in the afternoon,

I was sitting in the classroom, watching my teacher Mr. Wang, not the TV." After hearing this, Mr. Dou really did not know

what to say.        豆豆是一个既淘气又聪明的孩子。每当他爸爸老豆想要责备他做错事的时

候,豆豆总能想办法为自己辩护。 一天晚上,豆先生在为自己冲咖啡时觉得很吃惊:他听到起居宣传来电视的声音。他手托咖啡走向起居

室。在那儿,他看到豆豆正舒舒服服地躺在沙发上看电视卡通节目。 豆先生生气地问:“你为什么一整天都在看电视?”豆豆回驳道:“上午


Dou Dou is a naughty but clever boy. One evening, Mr. Dou, Dou Dou's father, arrived home after work. He made a cup of

coffee in the kitchen when he heard the sound of TV programs. He was surprised and went into the living room to see what had

happened. He was angry to see that Dou Dou was lying in the sofa watching TV. Mr. Dou shouted at him,"Why have you been

watching TV all the time?" Dou Dou replied, "I haven't been watching TV all the day. I didn't watch TV in the morning nor in

the afternoon. I watched the teacher instead." Hearing this, Mr. Dou could find no words to say.

/>        豆豆是一个淘气但聪明的孩子。一天晚上,豆豆的爸爸豆先生下班回到家。他在厨房为自己冲

咖啡时听到了电视节目声。他觉得很吃惊,就走进起居室看看怎么回事。他看到豆豆正舒舒服服地躺在沙发上看电视卡通节目。 豆先生很生