Travel in Xinjiang新疆之行


       A summer of tow years ago, accompanied with my father, I went to Xinjiang to see my aunt and cousins who came to Shanxi to see us one year earlier. So this may be called a return visit ,just as President Clinton paid are turn visit to Chairman Jiang Zemin. Yet, they met to discuss important events and issues while we met to enjoy the pleasure of summer vacation.

       We, my cousins Xiaoping and Xiao fang and I, first went to the Heaven Lake, a lake at the top of a high mountain range. It took us less than two hours to get there from Urumqi. What’s the most peculiar were the cleanness and coolness of the lake water. The surrounding peaks were covered with white snow. The sunshine seemed powerless over there; we took a lot of pictures with the blue water, the green pine trees on the mountainsides, and white clouds and snow on the mountain tops.

        On the morning of the third day, we went to Turpan, a basin surrounded by hills. The characteristics of this area are its hotness and the high quality of its grapes. The temperature in daylight in summer is usually over 40℃. Perhaps it is the hotness that gives the high quality to its grapes. In the town of Turpan, grapes could be seen everywhere. Some of the grapes stems which rooted beside ditches were as thick as big tubs.

       Other things that impressed me deeply are the underground Jiaohe and Gaocang, the dried ancient corpuses and the underground irrigation canal networks. The city surprises me with its vastness and peculiar.

       It has been approximately tow years since the last meet with my aunt and my cousins. I have been looking forward to go to Xinjiang this summer, but unfortunately, there seems to be some works to be done in this summer. I sincerely hope I could to see them, but I guess it will be long.