The Asian Olympic Center亚洲奥林匹克中心


     Two year ago,the Chinese government set out a plan to build the Asian Olympic Center of Beijing to welcome the Eleventh Asian Games.Now the Center has been set up.

     The Asian Olympic Center includes two main parts:the Physical Training Center and the Asian Games Village.The former is made up of match gymnasiums,such as the Swimming Pool,the Track-and-field Stadium,etc.These buildings are of functional and artistic quality and typical of modern styles,while the Asian Games Village gives expression to national and fashionable styles.At the gate of the village,both the big red poles and gold-glazed pagoda symbolize great China.Inside the village,the luxurious Five-continent Hotel provides comfotable living conditions for sportsmen and reporters coming from either China or other parts of Asia.And the Peace-and-happiness Center is a place for rest and entertainment,while the large Shopping Center sells traditional Chinese handiwork and other things.Besides,there are many kinds of restaurants to meet the need of the people of diffeent customs.

     Altogether,the Asian Olympic Center is not only a place to hold matches,but also a site for tourists to China.