What Do I Think of Myself我怎么看自己


     I am a young man of 19, studying at college.I am tall and sturdy,for my parents made every effort to feed me up when Ilived whth them.They hope that I have a strong body,high intelligence and a will to study well.I think I am a good boy,for I love my parents and have made up my mind to live up to their expectation.

     I am one of the top students in my class.This is the result of my hard word.I am getting along well with my classmates.Whenever any of them get into trouble  with his study,I will not hesitate to help him.However,I am awre that I have some shortcomings.For instance,I am not careful with money,or rather,a little bit extravagant.Now I know I should be thrifty with the money my parents save up to support my college education.

     As a young man,I'd like to keep pace with our age and learn as much knowledge as possible in order to serve our people in the future.