About friends and value of time关于朋友和时间价值


        I think everyone needs friends. A friend is just like a soft wind, or rather a beautiful beam of sunshine. To be exact, he can give you many things you want. When you are happy, you can share your happiness with your friends; when you are not happy, your friends will also can to help you.Your friends may be of many different kinds. Some of them may play happily with you; some others may have a pleasant talk to you, and of course you may talk to some of them hear to hear. We can’t say which kind of friends we need most, as each kind is necessary.Once I got an old saying which goes like this: “Friends are thieves of time”. I wondered. I couldn’t understand it exactly, as I thought it was a joke that friends had something to do with thieves. Then I asked my foreign teacher about it. She told me that was because someone thought everyone work most of the time, and friends might take up your time, so they were thieves of your time. I thought it was funny. I even wanted to ask them, “Don’t you think you are happy when you are staying with your friends? Isn’t happiness an important thing?”If one lives without friends, I can’t imagine his life in the world. And if one has good friends, even only one, I think he may be the luckiest one in the world. (244 words)THE VALUE OF TIMEI always think there is not enough time. For example, I have just taken a three-day holiday. But when I look back, I just feel that it ’s only one day. There goes a proverb, “Time is money”. Now I want to say, time is more precious than money, because when money is spent, we can earn some more again. However, when time is gone or lost, never will it return.Time goes without being noticed. The time for our study and work is usually limited. So I think we must make full use of our time. But it’s a pity that I am always not aware of the importance of time until it’s too late.So I think, I should get into the good habit of saving time because wasting time is equal to wasting one’s life. Do not put off what can be done today till tomorrow!

        我认为每个人都需要朋友。一个朋友就像软风,或者说一 美丽的束阳光。确切地说,他可以给你很多事情,你想要的。当你很高兴,您可以共享 幸福与您的朋友,当你不快乐,你的朋友也可以帮助you.Your朋友可能是很多 不同种类。有些人可能与你愉快地玩,有些则可能是一种愉快的交谈你,当然你可以 他们交谈,听到听到一些。我们不能说我们是朋友最需要什么,因为每一种是necessary.Once我收到一个 古语有云:“朋友是时间的窃贼”。我不知道。我无法完全理解,因为我以为 这是一个笑话,朋友们是与窃贼。然后,我问我对这个外国老师。她告诉我,是 因为有人认为每个人的工作大部分时间,朋友们可能会占用你的时间,所以他们是小偷你 时间。我认为这是有趣。我什至要问他们:“你不觉得你很高兴当您与您的入住 朋友?是不是幸福的一个重要的事情?如果没有朋友的生活“,我无法想象在世界上他的生命。如果 一个具有良好的朋友,甚至只有一个,我想他可能是世界上最幸运的一个。 (244字)的TIMEI的值总是 认为没有足够的时间。举例来说,我刚才已采取了为期3天的假期。但是当我回头看,我觉得这 氏只有一天。认为有一句谚语,“时间就是金钱”。现在,我只想说,时间比金钱更宝贵,因为当 金钱,我们可以再赚一些。然而,当时间或丢失了,也永远不会有return.Time不用被 注意。为我们的学习和工作时间通常是有限的。所以我认为我们必须利用我们的时间充分利用。但这是一个遗憾 我一直没有时间的重要性,直到它太late.So我想,我应该进入良好习惯 节省时间,因为浪费时间等于浪费自己的生命。不要推迟了怎么办今天到明天!#p#分页标题#e#