Never Forever永远永远


        I have no dream because I dreamed last night.—AuthorEverybody has a dream. They hope that enemy become friends. So we hope the Japanese become our friends after the end of World War II, but now the enemy get back.An island with no person living on named Fishing Island in East Sea of China, which is part of our holy homeland, now is in the control of the Japanese navy. Some people who love our motherland sailed to the island but were struck by the Japanese navy. Some of them got caught, and the Japanese navy refused to send them back to China at once! It seemed that the people who sailed to Fishing Island were against the Japanese navy and got into the Japanese territorial sea.This hurt everybody in China. They talked on net, and said that the enemy had got back. Nearly everyone claimed that why not do something for our island and our country-mates?Now a Japanese law says that Japan should exploit petrol in South Sea of Japan. Certainly it is none of our business, but look out, the South Sea of Japan is the East Sea of China, and the petrol is all around the Fishing Island. It means that a foreign country wanted to exploit petrol in our territorial sea, but our government did nothing about it except for some announcements. So, rise up, our country-mates, our dream was up last night; we must be strong and powerful, or, the enemy will be really back!

        我没有梦想,因 为我梦想着最后night. - AuthorEverybody有一个梦想。他们 希望敌人成为朋友。因此,我们希望在经过了二战结束,日本成为我们的朋友,但现在的敌人 没有得到名为钓鱼岛居住在东中国,这是我们神圣的海洋国土的一部分人back.An岛, 现在在日本海军的控制。有些人谁爱我们的祖国驶往岛上但被击中 日本海军。其中一些被抓住,日本海军拒绝送他们回一次中国!这似乎是 人谁渔岛航行到反对日本海军,并进入日本领土伤害了sea.This 每个人都在中国。他们谈了网,并说,敌人回来。几乎每个人都声称这样做,为什么不 我们的一些岛屿,我们的国家队友?现在,日本的法律说,日本应该利用南海石油的 日本。当然,这是我们的事,但看起来的那样,日本南海,是中国东海之滨,与汽油 各地的钓鱼岛屿。这意味着外国想利用我们的领海汽油,但我们 政府没有对此除了一些没有公布。因此,站起来,我国的队友,我们的梦想是昨天晚上; 我们必须强而有力,或敌人将真的回来了!