Dream is strength. The strength can bring us wherever we want to get to and it can bring us a lot of wonders on our way to the place in our dreams.

       Dream is beauty. Maybe you can see the things full of magic and maybe you will be moved by your own dream. Have you dreamed of being a princess? Have you dreamed of being a successful person? Oh, you can understand clearly that all the things in your dreams is unrealistic. The world is so real that all the dreams seem weak. But should we have our life without dreams? Of course not.

       The truth never fails to tell you: no dream, no hope. If nobody had dreamed of flying like a bird, we should never have known that a machine called plane could bring us to the places in the air. And we would never have got the chance of development any more. Some people have said that the world would be in darkness if there hadn’t been Edison. He ever had a dream of keeping the sun above our head day and night and he really lightens our life. So what will happen if everyone has a dream and get down to making it come true? There is nothing impossible if you do.

       Here, I also have my dreams. I hope that I can live a genteel life to enjoy a pure- nice happiness. I have a dream that all the people could pursue their dream freely and get equal chances to everything . I have a dream that evil will lose their life and love will fill up the blanket. I have a dream that one day I can stand with all of you to see the dream turn to reality together.

        梦想就是力量。这股力量能够使我们无论我们想要得到的,它 才能使我们的道路上,在我们的梦想发生了很多奇迹。 梦想是美丽。也许你可以看到的事物充满了 魔术,也许你会被你自己的梦想感动。你是一个公主的梦想?你身为梦想 成功的人?哦,你可以清楚了解,所有在您的梦想的事情是不现实的。世界是如此的真实 所有的梦想显得疲弱。但是,我们要在我们的生活没有梦想?当然不是。 真理从来没有告诉你: 没有梦想,没有希望。如果没有人象鸟的飞行梦想,我们不应该知道,这种机器被称为飞机能够 使我们在空气中的地方。我们决不会得到发展的机会了。有些人说, 世界将在黑暗中,如果没有爱迪生。他有太阳的头一天高于我们的梦想和保持 晚上他真的减轻了我们的生活。那么会发生什么事情,如果每个人有一个梦想,并着手使它成为现实?那里 没有什么不可能的,如果你这样做。 在这里,我也有我的梦想。我希望我可以过一种上流社会生活,享受纯粹的不错 幸福。我有一个梦想,所有人民能够自由地追求自己的梦想,并享有平等机会的一切。我有一个 邪恶的梦想将失去他们的生活和爱情,将填补了毯子。我有一个梦想有一天我能独立与所有 你看到的梦想变成现实起来。