A Bitter Experience in My Childhood我童年一次苦涩的经历


   Looking at the picture,I can't help remembering one episode of my childhood.I was ten then and studied in a primary school.Like all children,I like to play after school and hated to sit at the table working on my lessons for hours.

   One day I went home with an arithmatic test paper on which the score was"50"in red ink.With tremblingg hands,I presented the paper to my father.Oh,how fast my heart was beating!

   On seeing the score,father roared and thundered,First he made me drop to my knees,and then he beat me ferociously until I begged for mercy and promised to do better in future exams.

   Never shall I forget the fearful expression on my father's face while he was raging at me so violently.I'd like to give a solemn assurance that I will never do anything like that in dealing with my child,if I have one.