How to Give a Good Speech如何给一个好的发言


         Everyone recognizes the importance of speaking English well, knowing that what we say and how we say it determine to a very great extent the opinion that other people form about us. However, how to make a good speech in English puzzles us a lot.

        Perhaps the chief thing about speaking English is not too afraid of it. There is no real need to be nervous and you should try to avoid showing nervousness. Here are some points. Above all, take it easy—relax – just go out and talk about your chosen subject until you are cut off. During your speech, you must know how to emphasize points, say, to alter the pitch or your voice, to pause before or after an important point, to express a sentence very deliberately, and so on. In this case, to make everyday imitation of speakers on TV, on radio, on records is the right way. Besides, reading aloud does help to improve your speech. It gives you the opportunity to practice may skills such as pausing at the right place, varying your speed, setting the right tone and developing a feeling for the spirit or mood or what you're reading.

         All these things are important in communicating to your listeners the full meaning of

what you have in mind—Making A Speech.