A Traffic Accident一个交通事故(一)


         One night Mr Lee was driving his wife home from work. She was a nurse in a hospital. It was almost midnight and she was quite tired out. She soon fell asleep. Mr Lee looked at her and smiled.

         Mr Lee was a careful and experienced driver. He knew it was safer to drive slowly on a dark night. After some time he noticed a car following him. It was travelling very fast. Suddenly it overtook his car.

         The driver of the car was in a hurry. He did not see the approaching lorry. To avoid hitting it, he suddenly tuned his car. It skidded off the road and hit a big tree. The driver and his passenger were injured.They were badly cut by glass from the broken windscreen.Mr Lee quickly stopped his car by the side of the road. His wife got out of the car to help the injured. The lorry driver also stopped to help. Mr Lee drove off to telephone the police . About twenty-five minutes later, a police car and an ambulance arrived. The injured were carried into the ambulance and taken to hospital.

          The policemen took down details of the accident. Mr Lee and the lorry driver told them all they could remember. The policemen thanked them for their help. Mr and Mrs Lee got into their car and continued their journey home.