The Differences Between High School Life and College Life中


       When students finish their high school courses and enter the classrooms of a college or a university, they will deal with new classmates, new teachers, new requirements of study, in a word, a completely new environment. They have to adapt themselves to the new life on campus.

       There are obvious differences between high school life and college life. First, a freshman will live far away from his family, and in addition, the climate and food may be different from those of his home place, so he has to take good care of himself. Second, he will live with classmates who come from various parts of the country and who may have different living habits. Third, he is to learn a lot of new knowledge, and he has more time for him to budget.

       It may take a freshman some while to become accustomed to the study and life at college. However, we all have to accept constant challenges of new things in our life. College students should treasure the days of higher learning and prepare themselves for the future life and work.