My Bedroom我的卧室


      My bedroom is on the second floor,facing the north.It is small,crowded,but neat.

      As you enter the room you are stopped short by four bunks which occupy much space of the room.On your left,against the wall,there are two bunks,one for two students,the other serving as a closet for suitcases and handbags.Close to the door,pushed into corner,there is a large bookcase which is packed with papers and books.A map of the world is on this side of the wall.

      At the centre stand two big writing desks,with not a speck of dust but many odds and ends on them.They,in fact,serve as dinner tables,too.

      On your right,there are two bunks for four students,while near the door is a stand for basins.The old wooden floor has lost its luster but it is clean.Every corner,even every crack,has been carefully swept.

      This is the place which has been home to me and will continue to be all through my college life.