Childhood Memories of the Spring in My Homeplace童年的回忆:


      Slowly and quietly,spring is coming towards us.The weather is getting warmer and warmer,branches of trees begin sprouting new leaves,and all kinds of birds fly merrily in the sky.A new year begins.

      Looking at the tender green leaves of the trees out of the window,I can't help thinking of my childhood.When spring is coming,wheat begins to grow after a long winter,and its small and long leaves get greener,shaking with the wind.Rapes bloom with golden flower and give off a heavy scent.How beautiful and romantic the nature is!In this season.I used to carry a small basket in my arm,a small knife in my hand ,and invite my little companions to the wheat field to dig edible wild herbs.We sang and laughed and talked and enjoyed ourselves.When we filled our baskets with wild vegetables,we began to play games.We also climbed the willows to break the tender branches and make them into flutes to blow.What a happy and lucky childhhood I had!

      Spring is full of life and power.Spring is a lovely season.In the wind of spring we begin the new year.We ought to study hard and work well in order not to waste the springtime.