Help or Not?帮助或不帮助



    I once met a middle-aged stranger who said his money had been stolen at the railway station,so he had no money to go home. He begged for help from passers-by,but they all pretended not to have heard what he was saying and went by quickly. Then he stopped me and wanted me to give him the help. At first I could not accept that because I didn't think he was telling the truth. But when I saw tears in his eyes,I began to believe that he might be in the real trouble,so,just immediately I gave him all the money I had. When he took the money, his face turned red. Before he left,he expressed his great thanks and also said he would give back my money when he reached home.

    When I came back to school and told my classmates about my story,they held different opinions. Some of them thought that I did a good deed to have given a hand to the person in trouble,while others said that I was cheated.Some even laughed at me and called me a fool who could not judge things in the right way. Now,I am really confused!










    Help or Not?

    In this passage, the writer mainly tells us his experience of giving help to a stranger, which made him very confused because his classmates held different opinions about his deed.

    One evening, Father was driving me home when a stranger stopped us and said he needed a ride badly. Father did as asked. I felt a little worried thinking of our safety. But seven days later, we were very surprised to receive a letter from him.

    "Thank you so much for helping me so that I was able to get to my dying wife's bedside just before she passed away. God bless you for helping me and unselfishly serving others. Sincerely yours, Tom."

    Nobody can tell when he is in trouble. If everybody just looks on,what will our world be? But it is not unusual that quite a few strangers cheat people out of their kindness. So, be careful when giving help!