Comments on Influence from Television关于电视的影响的评论




    No one will deny that human beings have benefited a lot from the invention of television. It makes people learn the latest news and allows them to follow the latest development in politics and science. Many of the TV programs are both instructive and stimulating. People can almost travel throughout the world and acquaint themselves with the strangest customs while staying in their sitting room. Radio programs might provide the similar service, but on television screen everything is much more vivid, much more real.

    However, people also have different opinions on television and have argued heartedly about its advantages and disadvantages since its invention. Some even relate it to the negative influence on our children and the increasing crime rate. One anxious mother said, "TV is really a nuisance to my son. He spends so much time watching TV that he doesn't do well in studying. He needs to stop!" According to the police, the number of young criminals is increasing rapidly, which results in the TV programs. They said some programs were full of violence and obscenity. They have bad influences on children.











    Different people have different opinion upon influence from television. Some people think television plays an important role in life, while some think television is somewhat a nuisance.

    Is television a good thing or a bad thing to people's life? In my opinion,every coin has two sides. Television has both advantages and disadvantages.

    On the one hand,television plays an important role in people's life. Through TV, people can learn the latest news and relax themselves with some entertainment programs. TV can also help businessmen to promote their products and give consumers advice on what to buy. With the help of telephone, people can even order goods advertised on TV. What's more, many programs are instructive and stimulating. People can learn lots of things around the world without leaving their home. Compared with other media, such as radio and newspaper, TV is much more convenient and vivid. On the other hand, TV may also bring some problems. As what are mentioned, children can be easily addicted to TV and distracted from studying. Spending much time on TV, students will focus less on their studies. This may affect their studying. And, programs full of violence and obscenity will have bad influence on children and lead them to commit crimes.

    However,I think the advantages of TV outweigh the disadvantages. And I don't think it's the problem whether TV is good or bad. The problem is how we use TV. If we can use TV in a proper way, we can get great joy from it.