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bedtime story睡前故事


    For just over thirties of the Kresge Interbrew Krishnan (Adam Sandler decoration) who recently made him worry things can be many: the work of the inn, asking him to do live more and more, this Zero-handyman's work became more and more onerous; while returning home, he will have trouble to the mediation of his sister Wendy (Courteney Cox decorated) a small number of children contradiction. Finally found a so that they do not all day around the house, slapstick a good way - stories, Si Jite but found himself really not a story of the material, would have no much literature and cells, he mind the story of over and over again on those few, but a few Xiao Maohai also has a keen interest in the story, Siji Te aware of a number of stories which he had finished soon.

    Seeing these Xiaomao Hai increasingly reluctant to talk about those few Siji Te repeated the story of Si Jite have to bite the bullet and start "fabricated" story. These stories are not that many logical, but is in fantastic period for many children, the Si Jite compilation of these error-riddled story of just exactly in line with their wishes. For them, had fun, fun, able to satisfy their imagination enough, and teenage children, but also expect them to mind?

    But for Si Jite, the greater troubles still to come ... ... surprise he found that between, he casually fabricated stories, even a month had become reality! That day he was the child's bedtime a magical experience fabrications prairie dogs, prairie dogs next day he found in his Nazhi head; that the sky will rain the next jelly beans, the time to work the next day even the sky is really colorful jelly beans it began to rain ... ... Si Jite gradually discovered that as long as they speak their own stories to the kids, and then in real life will occur one by one! Si Jite have a magic power, decided to start their own happiness to help point busy. He designed one by one and admirers have long beautiful Jill (凯丽拉塞尔 decorated) plot, from ancient to the future, from movies to games for the thing is to discuss the Jill's affection, but he also gradually found that the children out of mischief for the whole story of uncontrollable slide into the edge of Si Jite have to write the story a perfect ending ... ...

    Preface: It is not every fast-food-type movies are not worth mentioning, and general changes in the dishes with a little fresh seasoning, the audience can be attracted; enterprising carton foam wheels only of the, is worth no less than forever cherish the memory of the taste.

    Film as a representative of the visual arts is often more important than the content of forms, from a lot of film makers and visual effects narration on excavation depth, only in order to achieve a new breakthrough. After all, we all love to watch the movie in fact, basically the type of day-to-day from our experience here, including our former experience, as well as feel the spirit of the subconscious, etc., and used our experience of viewing the majority of people decide to accept only a small number of the type of films, such as emotional about, fantasy and so on. As for terror, violence and so on have the type of film is still warm in fact a small number of Friends. However, excellent feature films are often vulgar content in the polymerization of the characteristics of different types of film to create a fascinating pleasure.

    In fact, never in this "analysis" of the Department at last year's popular Christmas Carnival files movie, but one of the types of practices that have Polymerization of keen interest. So usually a "stand up" theme, was able to create some suspense , manufacturing, a lot of expectations, because of the introduction of the directors of other types of film shooting practices, organic integration into the "bedtime story" This is some aspect, we will think of fairy tale films, Westerns and science fiction films, will also flash at the same time, such as "Shrek" and "Star Wars" and other familiar scenes. This allows the type of movie film, there was a slight shadow 恶搞, but Sandler's performance is no doubt add a lot of comedy, the type of hodgepodge macropolymer turns out to be quite delicious.

    Why hodgepodge of fast food can have a better idea? If you eat lunch every day, eating more natural foods will be squeezed in after the lunch boxes have been a special kind of mixed odor, gradually will be particularly offensive, such as the recent occasion of several Chinese-language film, "Prince and the Showgirl" or "love affordable," Movies are such a box. Watch the movie box there will be many a sense of nausea and vomiting, it is because he will have on the ordinary vegetables (movie theme) of the carton with a very general tableware (form) packaging, naturally without any of the memorable. Tomato scrambled eggs are the same, was in full bloom at a mid-level of the fine restaurants on tableware, so good surrounding environment, so customers will have more appetite. "Bedtime story" is in such a way, as if the audience during a visit to a large amusement park, by the different composition of the subject plate, always something to look forward to maintain freshness.

    Of course, we should see this movie the specificity of topic, it is to allow abstract thought, which give the director a lot of creative space, but it does not mean the fabrications casually. Give a negative example is the "ink" and the movie is allowed to have their own way, as long as it is the role of literature can be a tease, Alibaba has become the result of poor test materials. However, Alibaba on the overall quality of the food will not achieve any of the finishing touch to enhance the role, he is a new type of Lengtou Qing, but 恶搞 of people into playing with fire, this does not make sense to the design of disgusting Let me speechless.

    Why "bedtime story" did not fall into the trap over it? This is wild is a moderate with the creation of conditions is the topic of Composition. Thus, the appropriate segments to imitate other movies and properly integrated into the main line with reality, not only three ideas as a small dessert, but also rich in the characteristics of the protagonist's character.

    In addition, another topic to talk again: "bedtime story" is how to prevent the mentally handicapped and naive. This is the occasion Movie mistakes easily. Only the occasion even more popular movie, the trivial life interesting ingredients into intentional in order for the Boring disappear from the table. "Bedtime story" and "Prince and the Showgirl" The biggest difference is that the former is the story of ordinary people, who are nobles who meng. Such as "ai de qi" This is a special sad to belong to enlarge, and it seems that this special is the best, is the essence of life, natural audience will not sell accounts.

    Recently, a lot of directors are beginning to seriously underestimate the IQ of the audience, a means of deception can play first, play second, but after playing many times, will lose its natural role, even if the want to continue to deceive, use a little fresh.

    The film shows are filled with some of the ultimate fantasy of the imagination, a fairy tale after another splicing became a comedy of this incredible story, everything revolves around a Mingjiaosiji cote Bronson (Adam Sang Chandler decoration) in middle-aged man carried ... ...

    Skeat in a hotel to do some chores piecemeal, although such work appears to have no ambition, there is no future, but Skeat heart has its own plans.

    Skeat's sister, Wendy (Courteney Cox decorated) recently to find a job because of something which a headache, so she Baituo brother come home and take care of their son and daughter Patrick (Jonathan Morgan Sea Special ornaments) and Bobby (Lao Laan Kaissling decoration), but Skeat life, that is, to their nephew and niece a bedtime story at a time when the amazing earth-shaking changes.

    As the two children heard you tired of those who come from the fairy-tale story of the book, so Skeat had to fabricate some of their own out of thin air, but he was stunned to discover that, regardless of the night before the tales he told of what will be in the mysteriously the next day become a reality ... ...

    When Skeat aware of this, the intention to start scheduling some of the useful life of their own Section, for example, to punish what is always fun of their own colleagues, or sweetheart to a romantic encounter. Patrick and Bobby, however, is always an unpredictable way to a sudden intervention in, upset the rhythm of the story of the hands of Skeat, but also forcing the outcome no longer in accordance with the development of Skeat as initially thought, in short, all life, all because of this "misfortune" and thoroughly very confusing Skeat how I could make all re-entered the right track?

Epoch-making plot