JavaOne News: Day 4


jshell( JEP 222) -- the REPL for Java 9 is GA and is going to be available in the binary builds in the next days / weeks. jshell comes with a thin API which can be used to execute Java code on-the-fly. Jersey 3.0will implement JAX-RS 2.1 API, non-blocking IO, reactive JAX-RS 2.0 client, server-sent eventsand will integrate with Weld SEout-of-the box. The custom JavaOne t-shirt factory didn't scale at all. The queue was synchronizedwith only two lazy worker threads competing for a scarce resource. No timeouts, no Cirquit Breaker. My Nashorn session attended the vast majority of the Nashorn engineering team at Oracle. Knowing that, I offered the attendees to ask me even low level JavaScript / byte code questions. My secret plan was to act as a facade :-). I explained distributed lambdas with headlands, flexible data transformations with enhydrator, static page generation with spgand automation scripts to install / configure Payaraor monitor docker. I didn't attended the appreciation event and used the time for compaction and garbage collection of Stream.of(javaone.information()).

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