SitePoint PHP Blog: How to Build a NASA Photo Gallery with Zend Expressive


The SitePoint PHP blog has a new tutorial from author Andrew Cartershowing you how to create a NASA photo gallery applicationwith the latest framework offering from Zend, Zend Expressive.

In this article, we are going to use Zend Expressiveto build a photo gallery using the NASA Astronomy Picture of the DayAPI. The end result will be the AstroSplashwebsite which was created for the purpose of this article. [...] Zend Expressive is an exciting new micro-framework for building PSR-7 middleware applications. [...] Middleware is a term that will be used a lot in this article. A good definition of middleware is given by the Zend Expressive documentation.

They walk you through the basics of the application and how to set up an account and application over on the NASA API. They help you create the initial project, what the output should look like and commands to remove some extra code. They include the configuration of the container, set up the route middleware, work with the templating for the app and connecting it with Doctrine for database storage. Finally they integrate the NASA API using this libraryand pull down the latest images from the service.