Announcing The Ruby OMX API


I am happy to announce that there is now a Ruby API for OMX. This is a read-only API that supports a few ways of reading a matrix, returning an array of J for a given I, an array of I for a given J, and returning the value at a matrix address.

More documentation is available on Github(including the all-important install instructions).

Let me know if you have any questions. Post issues and bugs to the Github issues tracker.

The motivation behind yet-another-API, Ruby seems (operative word!!!) that it handles being a web-based API better than a lot of other languages. I’ve built a few just to test things out - for example, I built a versioned API that responds with random quotes from Yogi Berra... And please don’t build that in to anything, I have the free Heroku plan, so that may disappear at a random time!Aside from the time that it took to adapt my mess of Voyager+Java+C+++Python(GRRR!)+Basic syntax to Ruby, it wasn’t at all difficult and it is incredibly easy to add another API version. I would like to have a semi-live map of skims that I can click on a zone and see colors for the selected attribute/matrix (e.g. travel time).