Linkdump of Awesome Stuff #35


DHT Implementation in Erlang Get this - it is stupid good shouldi Elixir testing libraries with nested contexts, superior readability, and ease of use moebius A functional query tool for Elixir Functional Service objects in Rails Organizing service objects in a functional manner ElixirCon2015 More talks from ElixirCon2015 in Austin, TX new blog post! Building a Visual Programming Language with Elixir Photon Build desktop apps with simple HTML and CSS components Yume - Interactive music streaming New toy! Laird got a cool new tech gadget this week! Database Stuff Historical Records with Postgresql & Temporal Tables with SQL Mini Linux Box This will run erlang/elixir like a champ for small workloads Ecto Query Library A really nice blog post about the ecto query library More Ecto Some useful information on ecto custom types plug_auth A collection of authentication-related plugs You hacked what? - Least useful service hack ever - installing Windows 95 on your smartwatch Happy Mole Day! Celebrating Amedeo Avogadro's definition of the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in 1 mol of material. Thanks Avogardo :)

nailed it!

Because sometimes, it just all makes sense all at once

No linkdump should be completed without a cat gif

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